Sherpa Energy Squares were founded on a delicious principle: Energy Bars can and should taste amazing.

We won’t stop until we’ve shared our delicious treats with everyone. We are food obsessed, quality loving nature huggers.

Sherpas from Nepal
So whats in the name?

A Sherpa is part of a traditional Buddhist ethnic group in the Himalayas of northeastern Nepal. They were previously known for being nomadic high altitude farmers and traders. Since the 1950’s they’ve played a vital role in Mt. Everest expeditions because of their endurance and mountaineering abilities. Hired as guides and porters they carry much of the physical load for these treks.

We chose the name Sherpa Energy Squares as a playful tribute to their spirit of balance, endurance and resourcefulness.

How does a pastry chef get inspired

to create an energy bar?


Our founder was going through a two-month cleanse—and she worked in a bustling, professional kitchen —which are known to be super busy places. As a chef, she could only grab a bite when she had downtime (which was never.)

Yes, she was hungry while working in a kitchen. 

When you’re doing a vegan cleanse, it’s a challenge to get the right balance of plant based protein and fats for lasting energy. She started making the first prototypes of Sherpa Squares—delicious vegan squares loaded with powerful ingredients to keep energy levels up. They were cut up into small squares to be snack sized.

Sherpa Energy Bar - Dark Chocolate & Peanut Butter

During a vegan cleanse the goal was getting the right balance of plant based protein and fats for lasting energy. They kept my energy level up for a couple of hours. Their size allowed me to get them inquick and move on to the next task.

Sherpa Energy Square's seal

The funny thing was, Sherpa Energy Squares were so delicious, she started eating them all the time— before a workout, after a workout, while reading or as a snack at the beach. They were so addicting, she started sharing them with friends and they shared them with their friends.

And now it’s your turn.